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Functions of the Council

(As per the Pharmacy Act,1948 as amended & State Pharmacy Rules,1951)

  • 1.Registration.
  • 2.Renewal
  • 3.Prosecutions- Receiving complaints; Removals on death; Penal Removals or Erasures and caution or reprimand or teprimand or suspension etc.
  • 4.Restorations, re-entry.
  • 5.In- Migrations- to seek NOCs from other State Pharmacy Councils.
  • 6.Out- Migrations- to give NOCs to other State Pharmacy Councils.
  • 7.Goodstanding/Validity Certificates to the foreign Countries.
  • 8.Duplicate Certificates on demand after due verification.
  • 9.Elections to the Council to elect six of its fifteen members.
  • 10.Regular Meetings of the Executive Committee & General body of the Council
  • 11.Receipt & Dispatch of Dak and Disposal of Undelivered Dak.
  • 12.Attending Public enquires both on appearance and by post.
  • 13.Co-ordination with the State Govt.; with departments of Medical Education & Research and Health & Family Welfare.
  • 14.Co-ordination with the Pharmacy Council of India & with other State Pharmacy Councils.
  • 15.Co-ordination with the Professional Institutes & Regular Refresher Courses for Registered Pharmacists- promotion of professional efficiency & prestige, co-ordination within Chemists & Pharmacists for better employment ties & for their balance ration in the State.
  • 16.Vigilance to avoid sabotage, false scandals & to ensure the genuineness of the Registration Process.
  • 17.Court cases, litigations, legal matters.
  • 18.Policy matters; and to constitute sub-committees to look into the specific matters.
  • 19.Maintenance of Accounts, bills, income & expenditure & Annual audit. Self-maintenance, review & refix the fee-structure, proper distribution of work among staff members, their records of service, leaves, pays etc. Discipline Maintenance, Record Maintenance.
  • 20.Entry of new changes- Registration of additional qualification providing certified copies of entries in the Register.
  • 21.Maintenance of a Yearly up-to-date register on April 1st with the total numbers of registered pharmacists; numbers added during year; numbers restored; numbers erased; numbers removed by death.


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